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Neighbourhood Park

Ahmedabad, 3044 sq.m, 2018

As a part of ‘The Parks People’; we got an opportunity to work on a public park in a densely populated part of Ahmedabad. Parks are usually associated with active spaces like walking, play areas etc, and the idea of nature gets relegated to just a green background. One of the key decisions while designing the parks was to intensify the experience of ‘many natures’ and to make it more visible- physically and sensorially, to the people using the parks.
The park at New Ranip uses the language of tree groves, avenues and clumps to create a thick mass of shade. This accommodates walking, sitting and watching, under varied canopies. The active play spaces; a ‘maidan’ for free play, and a lawn space, become voids within this mass.

The parks people logo_edited_edited.jpg

‘The Parks People’ design team:
Arianee Landscapes, Arya Architects, Design Module,
Earthscapes Consultancy Pvt. Ltd, Studio 603, 
M/s. Prabhakar B. Bhagwat, SharedGround.
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