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Garden in the Fields

Sangamner, Maharashtra, 4100 sq.m, 2016

This is a one acre landscape designed for a contemporary ‘wada’ in semi-rural Maharashtra. Surrounded by fields that are predominantly sugarcane and pomegranate; on closer inspection, the land reveals a range of cultivated mosaics - fields of different types of flowers, citrus trees, farm ponds, thick groves of dense trees (near houses), and a botanical garden tucked away. The landscape uses these as an inspiration, and as a starting point to create a garden that celebrates this relationship between the land and its people. The design uses a planting palette derived from the cultivated land and attempts to extend these to create a garden that can house insects, butterflies, fishes, frogs and birds; as well as fulfill the requirement of the residents - of gatherings, walking, fresh produce; fragrance and delight.

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